Abdul Rahim

CA Rahim, a Chartered Accountant and Management Consultant, collaborates with the government and international development agencies on various public sector development projects. As a dynamic public speaker and trainer, he is the visionary founder of The Sirri Saqti Foundation (TSSF) and the driving force behind several of its innovative initiatives. CA Rahim is committed to continuous improvement and is dedicated to instilling quality and a positive attitude in the youth of the country through TSSF. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in shaping the foundation's mission and impact.

Our Trustees

Meet the Visionaries Driving Our Mission Forward

Mr. Zulfikar Ali Niyazi

He has been the driving force behind TSSF, overseeing all operational aspects of the Trust with unflinching dedication and boundless energy from the time our NGO started. His hands-on approach and commitment made things happen on the ground at TSSF.

Mr. Mohammad Ikram Saeed

He has always been the backbone of TSSF, overseeing the technical aspects and arranging all the logistics required for the events. His expertise ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and executed. His presence is vital to our success.

Mrs. Fareesa Rahim

She is a dedicated trustee, always ready to help in any situation. A silent worker, she consistently guides and motivates our members, who look up to her for valuable suggestions and support. Her unwavering commitment has been a source of inspiration for all.


Dedicated Leaders Driving Our Mission Forward

Miss Ayesha Mariam

She is the creative force behind TSSF, infusing every project and event with innovation and originality. With her strong personality and adept crisis management skills. A true asset to TSSF, her creativity and leadership shine bright, illuminating our path forward.