How We Started

In 2010, Abdul Rahim sir started doing community service anonymously with the help of one of the present trustee of TSSF Ant Zulfikar Ali Niyazi sir. Before that Abdul Rahim sir was part of many other NGO's, ''Rotract club and Lions club." But the urge of building this estate was to, involve community Youth for a better cause. Where they feel comfortable to do social services by holding values and culture of their community. The founder of TSSF Rahim sir says " only 0.5% youth of our community are there in Elite NGO's due to 'cultural difference' and 'social difference' despite having the spirit and energy to do something in the social area."

The Story Behind Our Name:

The Sirri Saqti Foundation

The name of our organization, "The Sirri Saqti," holds deep spiritual and historical significance. It is derived from the name of the revered Sufi master, Sirri Saqti, who lived in the 8th Century A.D. in Baghdad, Iraq.The inspiration for the name came through a remarkable and mystical experience. Our founder, Abdul Rahim, had a profound dream in which the name "Sirri Saqti" appeared. At the time, Abdul Rahim was unaware of the great Sufi saint and his teachings. However, this dream led him to discover Sirri Saqti's life and works, which profoundly influenced him both spiritually and socially.
Sirri Saqti, whose full name was Sirrudeen (meaning "Secret of the Path"), earned the surname 'Saqti' due to his significant contributions and work. His teachings and messages resonated deeply with Abdul Rahim, providing clarity and purpose to his vision for the organization. One of Sirri Saqti's most famous and inspiring messages, which continues to guide and motivate The Sirri Saqti Foundation (TSSF), is:"Be like the Sun which sheds its light on all; Be like the earth which sustains the burdens of all; Be like the water which enlivens the hearts of all."This message encapsulates the essence of our mission and values, emphasizing inclusivity, support, and nourishment for all individuals, much like the elements of nature that serve everyone without discrimination.
The decision to name the organization after Sirri Saqti symbolizes our commitment to these principles and honors the enduring legacy of a spiritual master whose teachings transcend time and place. By embodying the wisdom and compassion of Sirri Saqti, we strive to create a positive impact on society, just as he did centuries ago.

Recognition as a Charitable Trust

The Sirri Saqti Foundation (TSSF) stands as a unique example of a non-profit organization dedicated to self-improvement and social responsibility. By integrating spiritual and modern ethics, TSSF provides a valuable platform for individuals to grow personally and socially. It offers a space where people can learn, practice, make mistakes, and learn again, fostering an environment of continuous personal development.
Recognizing the importance of such a mission, The Sirri Saqti Foundation was officially recognized as a Public Charitable Trust on 1st June 2012. This recognition marked a significant milestone in our journey, solidifying our commitment to nurturing the youth and helping individuals refine their personalities to become better versions of themselves each day. As a charitable trust, TSSF has been able to expand its reach and impact, providing more opportunities for personal growth and contributing to the betterment of society as a whole.