A loving world where people proactively help and care for each other based on the principle of universal brotherhood.


The Sirri Saqti Foundation (TSSF) is dedicated to the following seven mission

Our Philosophy

The Sirri Saqti Foundation follows the six principles (abbreviated as ABC-STZ)

Absolute Trust

TSSF ensures high transparency and accountability to volunteers and donors through robust processes for selecting beneficiaries and reporting resource utilization. Funds are used effectively, fostering complete trust in our operations.

Building Relationships

TSSF will build long term relationships –with its beneficiaries, volunteers and donors. We believe that service should be a combination of various resources including time, attention and care – not just of money. We deeply value all our donors, volunteers and beneficiaries.

Continuous Improvement

TSSF is a learning organization that continually evolves through experience. We provide training and workshops to our volunteers, enhancing their skills and helping them reach their full potential. Our commitment to learning ensures we grow together.

Sustainable Solutions

TSSF will focus on initiatives that provide local, catalytic and sustainable support to people in need. Our initiatives shall seek to build capacity and enhance skills of beneficiaries so that they can become self-dependent in future.

Touching Lives

TSSF aims to touch lives beyond financial support, valuing smiles and comfort as much as material aid. We strive to make the most significant impact with our resources, providing comprehensive support to those in need.

Zero Overheads

TSSF is dedicated to societal well-being, not personal gain or recognition. We ensure donations serve their intended purpose, not organizational costs. Our mission prioritizes impactful assistance, maximizing benefits for beneficiaries.

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