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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions related to The Sirri Saqti Foundation. In case your queries are not answered, please feel free to ask your question here.

Q) Is the Sirri Saqti Foundation a registered organization?
A) Yes. The Sirri Saqti Foundation is founded as Public Charitable Trust and is duly registered as such with The Registrar of Assurance, Kolkata. Its Registration No. is ____________. You can see its Trust Deed here and its Certificate of Registration here.

We are also registered under the Income tax Act as a Charitable Organisation exempt from tax under section 12A (see Certificate here). Donations made to The Sirri Saqti Foundation are also exempt from Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act (see certificate here ).

Q) What are the broad areas of work done by The Sirri Saqti Foundation?
A) The Sirri Saqti Foundation undertakes several activities which are listed here. However, its three main areas of work are:

RAAHAT : Serving the needy through food distribution, medical assistance and other welfare activities.

REHBAR : Helping poor families come out of poverty through guidance, (interest free) advances and regular support for small entrepreneurship initiatives.

ROSHNI : Working with schools and children to encourage education, skill development and capacity development of the youth.

Q) Do you work with / for any particular community?
A) No. We serve all people in need irrespective of religion, caste, creed, colour, sex, etc.

Q) What is the geography of your operation?
A) The Sirri Saqti Foundation is authorized to work all across the country. Its Head Office is in Kolkata and hence current areas of operation are in the slums and needy areas of Kolkata, Howrah, North Bengal and districts around Kolkata. We are planning to start activities in other states such as Bihar very soon.

Q) How can I become involved with The Sirri Saqti Foundation?
A) We welcome your support and presence. Please contact us by filling up the form here or call us at 09903992110.

Q) Is there any fee or commitment to become a member/ volunteer of TSSF?
A) No. There is no charge to volunteer with The Sirri Saqti Foundation. However as a regular member you will be expected to contribute nominal amounts as well as your time towards TSSF activities.

Q) Will I get a certificate, if I volunteer with The Sirri Saqti Foundation?
A) Yes. On request, we will issue a certificate for the work and duration of time that you volunteer with The Sirri Saqti Foundation.

Q) Can I be a part of your travel schedules for your activities?
A) Yes. We will be glad to have you with us on our travel trips. Please let us know your interest here and we will keep you informed of our visits when you can join in.

Q) How can I make monetary contribution to The Sirri Saqti Foundation?
A) We would request for cheque/draft in favour of ‘The Sirri Saqti Foundation’ payable in Kolkata. Kindly mention your full name, address and contact details.

You can also transfer funds to The Sirri Saqti Foundation through online net banking as per details below :

Beneficiary Name:
The Sirri Saqti Foundation


Calcutta Main, Rasoi Court R. N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata

Account Number: :


You can also pay using our online payment gateway here .

In case, of any doubt please call 09903992110 or mail to before making any transaction.

At present, we cannot receive overseas / foreign contributions. Hence, only domestic contribution (i.e. within India) shall be received.

Q) Can I donate money for any specific activity? How will I know how the amount has been used for the purpose?
A) Yes. You can donate for any specific activity (i.e. medical clinic / food distribution / scholarship etc.) for any number of people by choosing our payment gateway here . We will earmark your funds for the purpose and will send you a report on its utilization.

Q) Do I get a receipt for the fund which I donate?
A) Yes. We acknowledge your donation by sending you a receipt and a letter of thanks through an email / by post. If you mention your PAN, we can also issue a certificate for deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.