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Chairman’s Message

Date: June 1st 2014
Today, The Sirri Saqti Foundation completes 2 years.

In the relatively short period of its existence, The Foundation has managed to make a difference, albeit small, in the lives of people in Kolkata.

Whether it is the free medical clinic that has served more than 6,000 people or the weekly breakfast distribution which has touched more than 7,000 lives or the daily food distribution which has benefited another 5,000, the Foundation is silently working on to make its impact in the world.

I must congratulate the Trustees and volunteers of TSSF for the achievements.

I hold that TSSF is not only an organization to help the underprivileged – it is a forum for us to help ourselves – an opportunity for each one of us to learn, grow and become that which we are capable of becoming.

We must remember that it is the grace of the beneficiaries to accept our initiatives. And our ultimate offering lies at the feet of the Almighty – may He accept our humble efforts. And it is with this humility and attitude that we must continue to work.

He is truly poor whose only wealth is money.

Through TSSF, you have a chance to become richer by bringing a smile to another’s face. Experience grace by getting involved with The Sirri Saqti Foundation.

With your support, I can see an even brighter future for the people through TSSF.

Dr. Mahmood Yacoob